Actionable plans with profitable, meaningful outcomes result from knowing how a company operates.  

We Meet Our Clients Where They Are

Our goal is simple and consistent in every instance: take the time to truly understand your business, your partner relationships, and your culture. Many consultants create a strategy and hope everyone falls in line. We align with your internal team from day one, meeting them where they are, rather than where it would be ideal to be.

Our experience is wide-ranging. Here’s where we excel:

  • Strategy and innovation—unified with your specific value proposition
  • Enterprise architecture, infrastructure analysis, and data and system integration
  • Sourcing for large corporations and emerging market leaders
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The SYNAPTIC Methodology is a piercing and objective look at your fundamental problems and opportunities. We start with a company’s symptoms and then go deeper, because we know from experience that the symptoms are very rarely the root cause. SYNAPTIC digs in and assesses key factors that enhance or constrain the strategy being developed. We focus on what matters and discard what doesn’t. 

We might work with your information technology (IT) department, business intelligence, or mergers and acquisitions (M & A) teams—but your outcomes will positively impact the entire organization. We call it the SYNAPTIC Shift.


Learn more about Capto's SYNAPTIC Strategy outcomes.

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