Our COre principles

Capto is a firm that opts to work deeply with only a handful of clients at any given time. This gives our clients our best executive-level thinking and capabilities. Our clients' outcomes matter to us. We've worked for big companies, small companies and this time we chose to work with those we believe we can partner with for short, mid and long-term success.



Our Strategies lead to real outcomes

Our mergers and acquisitions background doesn’t just give us a more impressive resume, it actually helped us create a completely new methodology for moving you from finding ideas and opportunities to achieving outcomes. 


It’s our Synaptic Methodology and it is founded in our expertise and experience in private equity mergers and acquisitions that demand high performance at high speed without a bunch of mumbo-jumbo in the middle.

During the process, we may push you, and pull you, and push a little more. But that’s how we get objectives met and make sure you get the project done.



Let's Get Honest Here

If all you needed was a cookie-cutter “answer” to your business concerns, you could talk to any cookie-cutter consulting company. But that’s not us.

You can't just slap a generic strategy onto any business and expect it to work. Actionable plans and profitable outcomes result from knowing how your company operates.

We dig deeper.

We take time to get to know not only your industry but your culture, your investment position, how you implement change (or don’t), your tolerance for risk and your inclination toward innovation.

We’ll be undeniably honest with our assessment of where you are, what you can achieve, and how fast. We’ll never try to make you be something you’re not.




Capability, Not a Hail Mary

Many times consultants create a strategy and then hope everyone falls in line behind it. This doesn’t happen when you work with Capto because we work hard to align your internal team from day one.

We actually help create a structure for change by coaching, counseling and empowering individuals within your organization so they’re equipped to be change-agents and effective leaders.

Spending more time up front to set the stage for change is worth every minute.




Our leaders...Lead

Our people are what make all the difference to your people. Period.

So unlike some firms that woo you with a senior guru and then hand you off to underlings, our principals are involved with the real work for every one of our clients.

You’ll have a senior advisor on your job each step of the way and our firm’s undivided dedication to your success.



we deliver results. Our clients like that.

Capto is a roll-up-our-sleeves, get-things-done kind of company. But, we’d be crazy not to share that in a recent survey of our customers by an outside firm, there wasn’t a single negative complaint about our service. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

We’re not telling you this to brag, we’re telling you this to give you peace of mind. This is your business we’re talking about. Knowing you can trust us is important enough for us to share.