So here’s a vision: a consulting firm that doesn’t hand you off once the check clears; you get senior advisory from start to finish. A consulting firm that tells you what you need to do—not what you want to hear—and then helps you do it. A consulting firm that isn’t about trends or formulas or generic catchall solutions for specific situations. In short, a consulting firm that dramatically improves the operation, economics, and efficacy of your company through management consultation with an emphasis on IT innovation and solutions. A firm that brings a mindset and skills garnered from a diverse M & A advisory practice to bear in technology contexts. Tracy Currie and Nick Vennaro conceived Capto Consulting with these things in mind, and they’ve actualized it by (1) assembling a unique senior leadership corps possessing vast experience from both sides of the vendor–user divide, and (2) developing a hands-on, results-based customized methodology called SYNAPTIC.

Capto Delivers Results. This Isn’t Bragging—It’s a Track Record.
Capto is known for high-velocity problem identification, roadmap creation, and custom solution implementation.