Rapid Internet Expansion

Situation—Growth Requires Expansion of IT Infrastructure

A Fortune 500 Internet retailer needed to quickly expand their infrastructure to meet the rapidly expanding demands of their growing Internet sales. The retailer’s in-house IT team had proposed building a new facility at the cost of over $100M and eighteen months time, but the proposal did not meet the business constraints in either cost or time. So the retailer brought on Capto to help them identify viable alternatives.

Solution—Outsourcing Allowed Capacity Expansion Within Cost and Time Constraints

Capto led a comprehensive review of locations to identify alternatives that would meet the company’s requirements for increased capacity in a timelier manner and at lower cost. Taking all variables under consideration and taking the lead in extensive negotiations, we recommended an outsourcing firm that could provide the required infrastructure immediately and at one-third the cost of the original proposal.

Not only was this a win for the retailer, but the service provider also secured a premier client for a multi-year contract, driving the growth of their own business.