Electronics Retailer Lacked Customer Loyalty Functionality

Situation—Need to Shift From Price Competition to Customer Loyalty

A major electronics retailer, known for being the low-price alternative, wanted to develop a more loyal customer base, but had little or no information about the customers purchasing goods at its stores. The company needed a new customer information database and customer loyalty functionality deployed on its existing technology infrastructure at hundreds of store locations. So the retailer brought in Capto to help craft a solution.

Solution—Customer Loyalty System Developed and Deployed

Capto assisted the retailer in developing and implementing a new customer loyalty information system, including information capture and customer loyalty applications at its cash registers and customer service desks linked to a central customer information database. With these new capabilities, the retailer was able to launch a gift registry, customer wish list, and other loyalty programs. The system also enabled customer service functions that improved customer retention. Throughout the development and deployment, Capto worked hand-in-hand with the retailer’s IT staff, so they were prepared to assume maintenance and support responsibilities as soon as the new system came online.