Accelerated Data Center Expansion

Situation—Lack of Capacity Threatens Growth

A leading, global, outsourcing provider found its data center infrastructure lacked the capacity to meet its projected requirements. To maintain its revenue growth and competitive advantage the service provider needed to bring ten data centers online within two years.

But as a result of data center oversupply during the previous five years, the service provider had let its in-house technical skills and business processes that it needed to lead the expansion atrophy. Data center deployments demand a myriad of specialized management skills to make decisions ranging from site selection, design, construction, and commissioning. Typical data center construction projects take two to three years from a “go” decision to the facility going live and cost between $50M and $100M. Capto was brought on board to find a way to bring the new data centers on line within the required time frame and budget. 

Solution—Accelerated Process Cuts Deployment Time In Half

Capto worked with the service provider to determine if data center design and build skills were core to its business or if the expansion should be handled using outside resources. Given the challenge represented by the rapid expansion and the costs involved, we recommended a blended approach—a small, core team of internal resources was assembled to closely manage the effort, while outside expertise was retained to augment the leadership and provide specialized skills.

Our team members brought in specialized firms to rapidly accelerate the real estate process as well as the design and construction of the facilities themselves. Capto led the development of common design elements over the next ninety days, and then used them to provide uniform planning and construction across all the facilities and to allow for consistent operations once construction was complete.

As a result, the service provider dramatically shortened the site selection and contracting process, successfully deploying all ten data centers in just over two years and within budget. The average period from site selection to data center availability was between seven and nine months—roughly one half the industry average.