Sourcing, which has a historical reputation for underperforming economically and operationally, is no light undertaking. That’s why our senior team works with you from start to finish. Through extensive experience backed by research, we know how to recognize, avoid, and overcome the universal flaws in conventional outsourcing relationships that typically result in reduced value, lack of innovation, increased risk, compromised service levels, and, most importantly, failure to deliver a competitive advantage.


Our SYNAPTIC Sourcing Framework

Each of our sourcing engagements includes a needs and readiness assessment, followed by selection and restructuring of service providers, transition management, and sustainable governance and performance management over the long-term. Our SYNAPTIC Sourcing framework, which leverages the best academic research coupled with our extensive experience dealing with real-world scenarios, enables us to take a disciplined, comprehensive approach to sourcing that spurs innovation and accelerates positive results.  

Our framework ensures clients’ outsourcing relationships reliably deliver measurable value, drive innovation that drives competitive advantage, and provide an adaptive and agile set of capabilities.



Clients benefit From the Thoroughness and Speed Our M&A Work Requires

We leverage our strategic M&A practice tools to help clients clearly identify, articulate, and measure what they expect to achieve from sourcing efforts. Together, along with collaborative engagement with service providers, this critical process yields an effective and realistic sourcing model and guides partner selection. We close the loop with our guided execution of the implementation process, which follows you all the way through to sustainable governance over the long term.


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