The circumstances were serious. A Fortune 100 IT department was in a highly competitive market that was undergoing technological change at a breakneck pace. Traditional customer channels were under siege from multiple disruptive forces. The firm’s response required a major IT investment cycle to support several core business areas. A do-or-die attitude from IT was never more important, and there wasn't much room for error. The current outsourcing model needed an upgrade—fast.


Capto employed its SYNAPTIC methodology and quickly identified what needed to happen—a major shift from traditional sourcing tactics to a progressive, adaptive, outcome-based sourcing strategy and implementation. A readiness assessment identified immaturity and limitations in the firm’s IT processes and capabilities, pointing out ten areas that required improvement in order to implement an effective and scalable sourcing model.

Capto drove an accelerated selection process that focused on matchmaking rather than the traditional RFP process because swift action was critical to success. By implementing Capto’s SYNAPTIC Sourcing approach, the Fortune 100 firm met its accelerating demand for application development, dramatically improved the quality of its applications, and reinvested the savings in innovations that have since created additional market-leading solutions.


  • Increased IT capacity to meet growing business demand by 100% over three years
  • On-time performance of 100% for enterprise releases
  • Cost reduction of 20% over previous outsourcing model using SYNAPTIC outcomes-based methodology
  • Quality improvements, including reducing the number of defects per 1,000 hours of effort
  • Staff augmentation contractors reduced by 99%
  • Zero percent employee attrition while improving alignment of constrained employee resources with high-value, business-impacting areas
  • Created a repeatable, highly successful sourcing model that has since been deployed to other areas of the company’s business