10 Data Centers Delivered in two years




If oversupply has ever led you to take your foot off the accelerator, then slam it down again when the market gets hot, you’re not alone. A leading global outsourcing provider found itself in this situation and hired Capto to help build ten data centers in two years. Data center deployments demand myriad specialized management skills for decisions ranging from site selection and design to construction and commissioning. Capto possesses those skills in spades. Did we mention it usually takes two years from concept to commissioning to construct one data center?


Capto’s SYNAPTIC Methodology quickly identified a hybrid implementation approach. A core team of internal members was assembled to closely manage the effort while outside expertise was retained to augment leadership and provide specialized skills. 

Specialty firms rapidly accelerated the real estate, design, and construction process for one pilot facility, a process that was then uniformly promulgated across all data centers.


  • Dramatically shortened site selection and contracting process
  • Successfully deployed all ten data centers in just over two years—within budget
  • Cut the industry average timeframe from site selection to data center availability in half