Financial Services

Capto has worked along the entire spectrum of finance—from enhancing customer service in retail banking to evaluating deals for private equity acquisitions.

Where Capto Brings Expertise

  • Determining the best opportunity and innovation pathway for the capabilities and investment your company has available today
  • Balancing and prioritizing strategic initiatives
  • Preparing talent for the changes ahead and guiding them through the process each step of the way
  • Determining whether to build, buy, or partner to add capabilities
  • Creating better business intelligence by combining internal data with outside information (collaborative intelligence), quickly bringing fresh insights to find new opportunities and solve vexing problems
  • Controlling costs, reducing customer churn, and improving customer service

Specific Service and Process Areas:


Customer-First Customer Experience

  • Customer-first business strategy and operating model
  • Insights-as-a-Service to reduce churn 
  • Technology-suypported customer experience
  • Marketing operations execution strategy
  • Innovation sourcing and workforce planning
  • Marketing technology strategy and roadmap

Technology Strategy

  • Actionable data Insights-as-a-Service including AI and machine learning
  • Business intelligence and analytics strategy and execution
  • Cloud strategy and implementation
  • CIO-CMO strategy support
  • IT strategy and digital transformation
  • Governance improvement
  • Portfolio management
  • Service delivery planning and support
  • Go-to market strategy

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