Healthcare’s rapid evolution opens both gaps and opportunities for many of Capto’s clients. In this area, we specialize in outlining the digital strategy to offer the consumer a marketplace of choices; data collecting, warehousing, and analysis of myriad healthcare factors and regulations; and sourcing the right talent and capabilities to accomplish these specialized tasks.

Focused Service Areas

Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care Models

  • Focus on increasing quality and lowering costs
  • New financial models – assess risk, measure quality, evaluate potential services, and OCM
  • New business strategy and processes
  • New hybrid partnerships – ACO, “payviders”, tech companies, retail partners, mobile care

Technology Strategy

  • Data analytics and insights
  • Project turnaround/rescue
  • IoT – wearables, behavioural
  • Security and privacy
  • Strategy implementation – technology, staff and budget


  • Mobile care, mobile customer service, telehealth mandates. Patient encounters with telehealth doubled since 2015
  • Foundational items first, then technology
  • Reimbursement models, which procedures, partnerships, OCM
  • Internet of things integration

Consumerism and Customer Experience

  • Consumerism – differentiation based on consumer, B2C and consumer choice driving change
  • Consumer wants to work with the company they want, in channel they want, when they want
  • Journey maps – where are you, where should you be. Must understand the customer