Marketing Technology Strategy and Execution

Customer Experience done right is built from the inside out,
supported by a Gap-Free technology Infrastructure, Clear roadmap and Execution

      IT/Marketing Integration

      • Organizational and culture change management
      • IT relationship assessment, liaison and management
      • Organizational and workforce readiness
      • Digital transformation change management support
      • Budget evaluation, strategy and case study




      Program Management

      • Strategic prioritization of technology and projects
      • Procedures, process improvement and governance
      • Budget and strategy alignment

        and prioritization

      Assessment, Roadmap & Strategy

      • Marketing technology capabilities and readiness assessment
      • AI, data, enterprise technology support needs and readiness assessment
      • Sourcing assessment, strategy and negotiation
      • MarTech strategy roadmap
      • Customer experience technology strategy
      • Modern marketing organization framework

      Data Strategy

      • Analytics maturity assessment
      • Data integrity assessment
      • Data governance
      • AI, analytics and actionable insights
      • Revenue levers identification


      Marketing Solution Papers

        SYNAPTIC Final 150px.png

        The SYNAPTIC Shift

        The SYNAPTIC Methodology is a in-depth and objective look at current strategy, gaps in execution, root causes of existing inefficiencies and opportunities for budget, innovation, technology and process optimization. We start with a company’s obvious symptoms and then go deeper. SYNAPTIC digs in and assesses key factors that enhance or constrain the strategy being developed. We focus on what matters and revise what doesn’t. 

        We might work with your marketing team, IT organization, business intelligence, or mergers and acquisitions (M & A) teams—but your outcomes will positively impact the entire organization. We call it the SYNAPTIC Shift.

        Learn more about Capto's SYNAPTIC Strategy outcomes.

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