Transformative Times Call For Tighter CMO-CIO Ties

Marketing has always been a front-facing department, moving at breakneck speed to plan and implement new solutions. IT has traditionally worked behind the scenes, taking a more methodical enterprise approach.

So it’s no wonder that over the years there has been little collaboration between the two groups. But with digital transformation and adoption of so many emerging technologies and tools, it’s time for the two groups to form a tighter union that empowers a new paradigm for co-ownership of objectives, such as customer experience and revenue-generation programs.

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Improve CX by Sipping Data Through Straw, Not Fire Hose

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Do you ever feel like you’re drinking marketing data from a fire hose when what you really need to improve customer experience is a narrow straw?

There are currently so many digital tools that enable all kinds of data to be captured — within CRM systems, analytics solutions and databases — that marketers can be overwhelmed trying to find a needle in the haystack. The result is that despite lots of investment in the latest technologies, they’re still not meeting their customer experience and revenue goals. In fact, in the 2017 "U.S. Customer Experience Index" report from Forrester, not one company studied in any industry reached a level of CX excellence.

Finding the CX Needle in the Haystack

So, what does it take to leverage all that data to improve the customer experience? It requires a data overhaul; effective analytics of that data and new AI-based tools to better engage with customers.

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Five gaps marketing leaders must close with IT to improve customer experience

In today’s world where consumers are continuously bombarded with marketing messages; delivering the right ones, in the right context, and at the right time is essential.

More than ever, marketing teams are expected to drive revenue growth and, in a maturing telecom industry, exceptional customer experience and timely, relevant messages that hit the mark. Frankly, this is where telecom, media, and entertainment (TME) firms will succeed or fail.

Increasingly, a larger share of technology spending is being earmarked for marketing; specifically, initiatives focused on customer experience that incorporate technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Simultaneously, organizations seek to integrate their existing marketing technology (martech) with new enterprise-wide investments to essentially create MarTech 2.0.

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Patient Experience Strategy Poised for Big Growth in 2018. Here's Why.

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Meeting customers and patients “where they are” is already shaping up to be the healthcare consumer and patient experience mantra of 2018. Consumers are starting to demand it as their tolerance for slogging their way through the system of care decreases.

Marketers across industries have pivoted from old push/pull methods of customer interaction toward customer-centric engagement. This requires a deeper understanding of customer motivations to anticipate 'next best actions' to create an experience customers value. The past few years have brought a greater understanding to the customer journey and better data and analytics to improve the customer experience. Healthcare is also adopting practices from outside the industry. 

Healthcare marketing now has the tools, the talent and the momentum to make real headway in 2018. 

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Four Cross-Industry Omnichannel Lessons from Telecom to Healthcare


A customer-first, omnichannel experience is reigning supreme across industries. We’ve seen it hold traction for years in telecom, media and entertainment (TME) and oft discussed, but omnichannel has been more slowly applied to other areas, such as healthcare. As healthcare begins to think of patients as customers and how to engage them across the spectrum of pre-and post-purchase of insurance or pre- and post-treatment, there is a lot to learn from their TME brethren.

Where Healthcare Can Heed Lessons Learned

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