Why Buying Healthcare Data Insights is Better Than Going it On Your Own

MedCity News recently published my article on the benefits of Insights-as-a-Service, which moves your investment closer to the actionable insight faster than building and uncovering it in-house.

Photo: MedCity News

Photo: MedCity News

Buy (don’t build) healthcare data insights to improve data investment ROI

Healthcare organizations have been investing heavily in big data analytics, software, hardware, staff, and services to get insights into quality and cost. These insights will be critical as healthcare facilities take on more and more risk in a value-based care model. About 40 percent of healthcare providers are expanding IT budgets, a recent IDC Health Insights report revealed. The report noted that analytics is the top reason for the increase.

However, building an analytics-driven practice is just a midway point to the insights that healthcare organizations need to fully leverage their data investments...

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