Expanding Cloud and Data Center Services Portfolio with High Compliance Data Center Services


A private equity firm sought growth by expanding into high compliance cloud and data services targeting the federal government domain. Capto was brought on board to evaluate a potential target acquisition. Focus was placed on a market assessment that included a demand and competitive analysis, a technical review of the relevant compliance standards, and an evaluation of how the market is addressing the standards.


The Capto team’s in-depth knowledge of the federal government and computer security domains was table stakes for the client engagement.  Capto combined these requisite skills with our team’s knowledge of other high compliance industries via our experience in healthcare and financial services to expand our client’s thinking regarding the target market. The target acquisition could help our client penetrate not just federal government opportunities, but several high compliance industries including healthcare and financial services. 


  • This shift in thinking allowed our private equity client to expand the potential markets behind their investment thesis resulting in an improved market evaluation process and more accurate bid for the target company.