Big Data/Analytics Acceleration and Capto Dogfooding …

Recently, we here at Capto had the opportunity to “eat our own dog food” at one of our clients, a Fortune 100 company. In the middle of a Capto-designed Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics Acceleration Program—part of our Synaptic methodology—our client’s big-data analytics leader accepted a position in another area. The VP in charge of BI asked us to step in and fill the leadership void in the analytics team. This meant that we were tasked with

  • Running the day-to-day aspects of the department
  • Implementing our Synaptic innovation programs
  • Implementing, in detail, the organizational change management and process tasks we had designed
  • Hardening and putting into production architectural modifications to the Big Data/Hadoop environment
  • Working with the team’s sourcing partner to implement the accelerated innovation program to quickly identify and deliver Big-Data analytic solutions to the business community.

While we pride ourselves on leveraging academic research and in the strategic value we bring to our clients, it is the implementation of the strategy that proves our methods and forms the cornerstone of our approach to building, refining, and socializing the Synaptic methodology. Not only does this opportunity demonstrate our commitment to our methodology, it gives us first-hand experience in executing our own program. In short, we love to eat our own dog food!