From domain-driven design to microservices 

How the domain-driven design development philosophy can be suited to microservices


In November, I delved into explaining how microservices can be introduced into a large organization with well-established legacy systems. In this post, I cover domain-driven design (DDD) and how this development philosophy can be used to represent the real world in code while being well-suited to a microservices implementation.

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Embracing consumerism with a savvy data analytics strategy

Originally published on Healthcare Management Technology blog:


Consumerism has significant implications for understanding data analytics, including the need to better understand the healthcare customer before they ever become a patient. This emphasis on wellcare versus sickcare represents a massive shift for healthcare organizations that are beginning to look at data from multiple sources to ensure better outcomes. This includes a smooth patient experience from payer/provider selection diagnosis, admission, treatment, and post-treatment touchpoints.

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A Forbes and Sitecore study found that organizations have an average of 35 data gathering points, but little to no integration. This kinds of breakage in marketing and IT systems breaks down the customer experience and costs companies revenue in lost opportunity.

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Four Cross-Industry Omnichannel Lessons from Telecom to Healthcare


A customer-first, omnichannel experience is reigning supreme across industries. We’ve seen it hold traction for years in telecom, media and entertainment (TME) and oft discussed, but omnichannel has been more slowly applied to other areas, such as healthcare. As healthcare begins to think of patients as customers and how to engage them across the spectrum of pre-and post-purchase of insurance or pre- and post-treatment, there is a lot to learn from their TME brethren.

Where Healthcare Can Heed Lessons Learned

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